Do You Need a Purple Homecoming Dress?

It's been too hot this season!
 I often end up sweating even if the AC is already on.=/ ugh...i hate summer!
well, enough of my rants now…^^

Today, I'll be sharing a wonderful online shop for all the gorgeous ladies out there. This website is known for their chic designs of homecoming / prom dresses. DressV has a wide range of dresses to choose from. If you're looking for short, medium or full length gown…try to visit DressV now!

In this post, I'm sharing to you what I have chosen from the purple homecoming dress 2014 collection.

These are my top 3 picks from the wide selection of purple homecoming dress 2014, that they have in their website. 

I first chose the one on top because it reminds me of the barbie movie I saw online. It's quite simple, just a tube cut dress but it's embellished with glittering rhinestones. Hmm…this will make you stand out from the crowd! I'll probably wear this when I need to dance and party all night long.
The second dress, I'll probably wear it during a formal event. It looks sophisticated and much suitable for a formal evening event. Lastly, the third dress i've chosen may be quite unique. It needs confidence to have this dress stand out. It's colorful and fun to wear!^^
Accessories are also important in one's outfit. Your attire may be completed with a nice piece of jewelry like a statement necklace that would totally match a sexy tube top gown or a pair of earrings that will make the whole outfit stand out from the crowd. May it be a pair of earring, a necklace, or a bracelet…DressV has it!^^

So what are you waiting for?

If you're interested to visit their website and check out their 2014 collection of purple homecoming dresses , please click the link below!^^

x o x o

* This is a sponsored post *


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