Wardrobe Wishlist For This Spring

Hey there ladies!
it's time to update your wardrobe and be more trendy this spring season ^_^

I've been searching everywhere for spring outfits and look what I added on to my wish list. Here are some of the clothes I wanted to wear for the spring season (actually i included the upper right photo coz sometimes it's cold during the night). Most of what I have chosen are either skirts or shorts coz I do love wearing them often. Honestly, if you peek inside my closet…you'll probably see a lot of those than jeans.^^ 

What do you think of these outfits??
 is it a yay or a nay??

If you want to purchase any of those, you can go and check out for a wide range of trendy outfits that will suit your budget!

Just a reminder when shopping at
If you're from the US, shop in the US stock section so that your shipping would not be that expensive compared to getting items from their China warehouse.

Hope you all had a great day!^_^


What's in my makeup bag?

It's been a while since I posted a 'what's in my makeup bag' post. So this time i'm going to share what's in my makeup bag as of this moment. I got this makeup pouch from Sephora when they had an offer a few months back. I love it coz it's light and easy to carry along in my purse; plus, it was filled with sample goodies when i got it. who doesn't love freebies right?!? ^^

Actually, I think I already posted one last year, but too bad it got deleted when I changed my account…ooops!

Here's what's in my Makeup Bag:

This time, I don't carry any concealer with me coz my skin's a whole lot better now. Thank God!^_^

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Crown Princess

Watched Captain America yesterday but didn't get a chance to see the ending…
pffft! t'was almost the end part of the movie when the show suddenly stopped and we're asked to evacuate the building..oh well. too bad there was a fire next door so they decided to let all persons in the movie theater leave.
hmm…if you know the ending, kindly leave a comment down below and tell me what happened. please???

Now…getting back on the post.
Jeweshop was so kind to send me these. A ring and a necklace which I personally chose from their wide selection of blings^^

First, I chose this ring. Actually, it reminds me of Kim Yuna. If you don't know her…search it on youtube!<*_^>
oh my she's so gorgeous! I love watching her when she skates!
Before browsing thru Jeweshop's online shop, this is already one of the many things on my wish list. A crown ring. It looks really nice and girly. Now, this is one of my fave!

Second item that I chose was a necklace. It looks like a letter J to me…with a diamond in the middle. If you don't know…my name starts with the letter 'J'. For this item, you can actually choose how long you want the chain to be.^_^

So guys! If you're interested in getting affordable blings, check out
Get your own stylish necklace or your very own crown ring like mine!


Thanks Jeweshop! 
Love Love Love all your unique styles!^_^

Stay Tuned for more Makeup & Skin Care Reviews...  
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* Product provided by Jeweshop for Review Purposes


Tony Moly Appletox Peeling Cream Review

If only I knew it years before that only exfoliating can help my skin.

Hi everyone!
Here's the second product review I'll be doing for
They're so kind to let me try and experience the superb effect of this product! If you haven't seen my first review for their site, click here

I shared my acne story before and that was really the worst state of my skin in my twenty plus years of existence. It was that bad that I can't go out without a thick layer of foundation, bb cream or a ton of concealer! (ughh…i did a little exaggeration over there ^_^ but it's really that bad..well, in my opinion)
But after months of trying and testing out countless products…


Amore Pacific Cleansing Oil : Review

Amore Pacific is a korea-based company for skin care and makeup. If you're interested in checking out some of their products, try going to sephora. I know it's hard to get korean brand skin care and makeup here in california but as time goes by…they are now very popular and slowly getting into the american market. I hope they'll open up their own branch here in the US soon!^^

If you're visiting my blog regularly, you already know that I love using cleansing oils to remove my makeup before proceeding to my gentle facial cleanser. I've tried quite a few already…you can read all my past cleansing oil reviews here.